Yard Guard Fence

Yard Guard Fence Company is Atlanta’s foremost resource for:

  • Residential Fence
  • Commercial Fence
  • Recreational Fence
  • Farm & Field Fence
  • Design and Installation


Feel free to check out our Do It Yourself Calculator and let us know when you are ready for an onsite consultation with a reputable Yard Guard representative. We don’t see the need in being secretive when it comes to pricing nor do we think you should have to pick up the phone, schedule an appointment and take time from your busy life for a simple ballpark estimate. We’re not like other fence companies, and we’re OK with that!

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Yard Guard Fence:

  • Has a combined 35 years experience in the engineering and construction industries
  • Is fully licensed and insured- all quotes are complete with proof of coverage
  • Carries Workman’s Compensation on all employees
  • Observes Georgia’s Call Before You Dig laws
  • Files all applicable paperwork with the proper Georgia agency before commencing work


We accept cash, check, several major credit/debit cards, PayPal, and offer financing through First Franklin Financial